Fixed and mobile communications give your business operational agility to react to changing market conditions and respond to business opportunities. Simplify communications and manage costs effectively with a single supplier and service.

Hosted PBX Solution

The Hosted PBX powered by iConnect is so much more than just a PBX system; it offers you a sophisticated PBX solution without the need for a costly physical unit on site. Because the solution is hosted in the cloud,this means that you have full flexibility and scalability without the hassle associated with a traditional PBX.

Value added services available with the hosted PBX:
1. Telephone Management System (TMS)

The TMS offers a range of functionality that is both innovative and scalable to suit any client’s needs.

  • General reporting
  • Summary reporting
  • Detailed reporting


2. Voice Logging

Call recording is becoming increasingly important in terms of both quality management and sales efficiency. Majuda provides our call recording clients with premier call recording solutions along with quality management solutions – free from corporate liability challenges.

3. Virtual Fax

Powered by iConnect; Virtual Fax is the first fax solution of its kind in South Africa utilising Fax over IP technology that works every time. Virtual Fax uses Store and Forward technology which allows the fax to be sent from the user’s computer to the fax server where it is queued until the recipient fax is ready to receive.

According to industry research, hosted communications is one of the fastest growing technologies, dramatically changing the way companies do business. Many business people are still unaware of the difference hosted communications can make to their business. You’ll have a system that is both flexible and truly future proof.


Hosted Call Centre

Powered by Fleek: The hosted call centre solution ,delivers enterprise grade functionality on a pay-per-usage model whereby our client’s only pay for the services they use and there is no requirement for additional infrastructure in order to access it.

Our infrastructure is hosted by a number of providers with carrier grade infrastructure around the country in order to ensure guaranteed service.

Rather than spending cash on technology and having the responsibility of operating and maintaining it, our clients access their chosen functionality through an IP pipe allowing them the flexibility to only pay for the services they use as well as the scalability to expand to any level required.


Cloud Computing

Hosted CRM
  • An all-in-one, outsourced enterprise-grade CRM solution
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 without buying, installing or managing it
  • 360-degree integrated view of each customer
Domain Services
  • Ready-to-use, cost-effective shared hosting
  • Basic site hosting, email, scripting, templates and various site builder tools
  • Seven different solutions along with Unix and Windows hosting environments
Web Hosting
  • Exclusive hosting with no sharing of servers
  • Full, half, quarter cabinets and caged solutions, N+N on facilities, SAN and backup solutions
  • Two options based on your hardware and network requirements
Dedicated Hosting
  • An all-in-one, outsourced enterprise-grade CRM solution
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 without buying, installing or managing it
  • 360-degree integrated view of each customer


Hosted SharePoint
  • Comprehensive, web-based and hosted information management
  • Accessible document library, integration with in-house systems and complete information security
  • Customising option to suit your requirements
Hosted Exchange
  • An entire email server offering full administrative control to you
  • Outlook web access, calendaring, service and support
  • Three offerings with different storage capacity, anti-spam and anti-virus and backup features
Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft’s suite of online communication and collaboration tools
  • Email, calendar, documents creation and sharing, messaging and conferencing
  • Latest versions of Microsoft apps minus the upgrade costs



As Corporate partners to Vodacom we offer personalised account management and assistance with your Vodacom business account.

In this ever fast moving technological age it is difficult to know what package, service or device is best for the business and this is where our years of service will be able to assist you. Instead of dealing with a retail outlet that is mainly focused on the sale. We don’t look at one number but advise on the entire account. Having the correct package, service and control notifications activated on the account with not only help reduce costs but allows for a much more controlled management of the account.

We are one point of contact for all your Vodacom account related needs. Focused by only dealing with SME/ Corporate clients we understand the importance of having a professional working relationship with our clients.


There is no extra charge for our services, only the added benefit of having a one direct person assisting in the management of your account.
To name a few of the many offerings that we assist with;

  • New Contracts for mobile phones, data contracts customised to your needs
  • Upgrades of mobile and data lines
  • Value added services such as data, sms, wifi bundles
  • Roaming and international calling
  • Sim swaps
  • Transfers from individual to business account
  • Activation and deactivation of all services offered by Vodacom

All that is left for you to do is drop us a mail with your requests and we get it done.
In such a busy and fast past world that we are living in, company owners don’t have the time to check what they are paying for on their bill, which is where we come in.

We love to save our clients money.